Your route to a better sex life

Jane Oliveira

about me

My name is Jane Oliveira and I am 50 years old. I am originally from London UK but have lived in Portugal a majority of my life, and I speak both English and Portuguese. I am an online certified female sex therapist, sexologist and counsellor in sex, intimacy and relationships. I went into sexology because of the various problems I’ve had over the years in relationships, both physically and psychologically. In addition to relationship problems, I’ve had a number of medical challenges, yet managed to work through it all. I now have an amazing sex life and wish to help others improve theirs with my experience.

I’m a Fitness Instructor, certified Massage therapist, and certified sex therapist.

keeping your mind and body in good health gives you energy and boosts your mood , but also learning and finding ways to relax both can be beneficial and help improve your sex life.

I’m a mother

A mother of 4 with natural births

My Health Challenges

Endometriosis, Hysterectomy, Cin 5 cervical cancer cells.
Treatments: Vaginal threading, BTL ultra femme laser treatment.

I work with individuals and couples providing online sex therapy or sex counselling remotely via phone, video chat, or email. Depending on preference and what is most comfortable for the client. Discussing your sex life can be for some very challenging, and maybe a little out of your comfort zone, but I am here to listen, to help and not judge.

I am a sex expert and have considerable experience in dealing with sexual intimacy or lack of it, sexual health problems and problems with sex communication. A majority of this comes from personal experience arising from my own relationships and marriages. Drawing on this experience I can relate very well to most sexual relationships, I can help you understand yours better, most problems are completely normal and I will help you to overcome them so you can improve your sex life. It wasn’t until I found the right partner i realised how important sex can be and how much it can make you connect with your partner on so many levels. I’ve learned to enjoy a very healthy sex life.

I am very much involved in research to continually better my knowledge in sexual therapy and I bring this knowledge and personal experience to help my clients as an intimacy coach in online therapy sessions.

You can feel confident with me and be as open as you wish. I am here to help you improve and better your relationship and sex life in any way I can. I want you or you and your partner to both feel comfortable with me and feel you can share openly without embarrassment. An awesome sex life is worth working for and you deserve it. An interest in sexual therapy or sex counselling is a positive step and one that should be taken without embarrassment or shame.