I am a mother of 4 amazing children, a part time fitness instructor and full time sex therapist. My love for sex, a healthy sex life and experience in that area led me to be a sexologist. Keeping fit is also very important to me and can be beneficial for mental health as well as physical. keeping fit has really helped me, in addition to the more obvious workouts like Pilates or yoga which help strengthen the pelvic muscles, which obviously are beneficial to your sex life. Pelvic floor health is important sexually. A good orgasmic contraction has to go from a fully relaxed state to a full intense one. If you have constantly contracted pelvic muscles, you will not get the full wow factor of an orgasm! Practice exercises that can relax those muscles. Get to experience that orgasm you have been missing.
Jane Oliveira



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Having a healthy and very satisfying sex life is beneficial both physically and mentally. I see myself as quite adventurous when it comes to sex. Luckily for me I have a very compatible partner who is very openminded and also enjoys the same things that I do. Fill a box up with sex toys and mix things up a bit! There are so many different gadgets out there for both you and your partner to enjoy alone or with each other. Exploring your bodies and being more adventurous can be very rewarding and do not forget communication is key!

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