What is sex therapy?

Sexual therapy is a kind of talk therapy that helps individuals and couples who are experiencing problems in their sex life, resolve these issues and achieve sexual satisfaction. It focuses on sex positivity, overcoming trauma and any stigmas surrounding sex. Physical, emotional and even psychological issues can cause all sorts of challenges in a persons sex life. A sex therapist will aim to help a person, or couple address these problems and achieve a more satisfactory and full filling sex life. It is a big part of relationship or couples therapy. Sex therapy is similar to in-person counselling and It can be done through online chat, video conferencing or phone conversation. That really depends on the client and what they feel most comfortable with. Sex therapy does not involve sexual contact with clients.

Do I need Sex therapy?

One way to find out if you need to see a sex therapist instead of any other kind of therapist, is to take a look at your life and see what parts are most affected and how its making you feel right now.

If things in your life and emotional health are being affected by your sexual dysfunction in any way, then its a good idea to see a sex therapist. Also, if a lack of intimacy or difficulties communicating with your partner are becoming a concern, then yes a sex therapist is a good way to go.

How can sex therapy help?

Sex therapy can help people identify and work through their sexual concerns and challenges, such as low sex drive, pain during sex, and difficulty achieving an orgasm. It can also improve sexual satisfaction.

Sex therapy can benefit anyone who wants to improve their sexual relationship and make it more pleasurable and satisfying. It can especially help those who have issues getting aroused, painful intercourse, or struggling to reach an orgasm.

Sexual therapy does not always need to be with your partner. It can be done with individual sessions, but couples therapy can be more beneficial.

How does sex therapy work?

Sex therapy is like any kind of Psychotherapy. You treat the problem by talking about your experiences, your worries and feelings and see how this is affecting your relationship.

Together with the therapist you will find ways to help improve your concerns and issues so you have a much healthier sex life.

During your initial online sessions, your therapist will talk with you or with both you and your partner together. The therapist is there to help guide you and process you into a much healthier and full filling sex life. They are not there to take one persons side or to help persuade anyone.

With each online session your therapist will help you and continue to push you to a better management and acceptance of your concerns and issues that may be affecting you sex life. Generally the therapist and client will discuss all these concerns and help you over come them with different coping mechanisms to help build on a more satisfying sex life. You may even be given homework. This depends on the client. These can include assignments designed to increase and improve sexual education and improve communication between partners.

If your climaxes seem like a lot work and not very satisfying, the reasons could be physical or psychological, technique or could be you just need a little help in that direction. Do not give up, as its what we are here to help you with.

Achieving a healthy strong and satisfying orgasm is a gift. When we have low libido, inability to orgasm, or quality of orgasm is not what it should be, again we are here to help change that.

Sexual dysfunction is actually quite common in women and men and generally is experienced during some time in our lives.

Erectile dysfunction, low libido, lack of interest, low confidence, lack of response to sexual stimulus, premature ejaculation, excessive libido, inability to control sexual behavior, distressing sexual thoughts, unwanted sexual fetishes, emotional issues, sexual abuse, all these can stop you achieving the sex life you and your partner deserve.

A fulfilling sex life is extremely healthy and natural. Physical and emotional intimacy are both essential in a relationship. When sexual dysfunctions occur, then having a satisfying and fulfilling sexual relationship can be difficult.

Sex therapy can help you reframe your sexual issues and challenges and help you to achieve sexual satisfaction for both you and your partner.