What is sexology:

Sexology is about human sexuality, our sexual interests, behaviors and how we address sex in general.

How can sexology help?

It focuses on sexual development, relationships, intercourse, sexual disfunction, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual abuse and sexual addiction. It can also focus on other problems such as health issues that can have an impact on your sex life. Sexology offers education to people who wish to identify their sexual goals. We help them to manage their sexual growth in whatever way we can using resources, tools and techniques. We give counselling and guidance in relationships to help them have a more active and better sex life. Sexology looks at how we bond, connect, love and have sex in a much broader perspective. We look at relationships at all angles, from vanilla to kink. We are the ultimate guide to all your questions, worries and help you make sense of what kind of sexual relationship you want with your partner. There are probably anxieties ,certain desires and much more that you may be feeling but find it hard to talk about with your partner. We want to help you gain the confidence and help you spice up your sex life and maybe be more attentive to each others needs and desires.

What does a sexologist do?

There are many ways to be a sexologist, but I have chosen the sex therapist route. I work online with individuals and couples to help improve their relationship and address whatever issues may be causing problems in their sex life. Everything from difficulties orgasming to a sexless relationship. A sex therapist also has a greater knowledge of the psychological issues that can affect an individual or couple when it comes to sex. Sex therapy views sexual issues as being resolved by specifically addressing them, not by the assumption that once the individual or couple work out the problem, the sex automatically falls back into place. That is not the case at all. We hold a positive outlook on sex and the benefits that it can have both physically and mentally. A sex therapist will never perform any sexual activity or will there be any nudity involved in the online sessions. Therapy will involve talking mostly, and getting to know the clients with the added sex education slipped in. My clients will at some point as the therapy sessions evolve, be given practical and sometimes sexual homework.

When should you see a sexologist?

Sex is strongly linked to our physical and emotional health. This determines our relationships and happiness to a certain extent. For many sex is the excitement and most important part in a relationship. With it comes immense pleasure and contentment. A good sex life builds a bond and strengthens a relationship. Unfortunately a lot of couples fail in this area and have no idea why, and what’s causing the problem. Human relationships are quite complex and sex is an indispensable part of it. Its a very sensitive area and takes a lot of understanding to deal with it. A sexologist helps couples explore the reason for their unhappiness and finds a way of bringing back the spark. This is where the sexologist will help you understand your sexual health problem and offer a solution, whether its psychological, physical. or emotional. We are there to get your sex life back on track.