Sexual health and how to improve it.

There are many things that can cause problems within your sex life. Sexual health issues are one of them. I have had my fair share, such as Endometriosis, cysts on the ovaries, painful intercourse, psychological issues, CIN 5 cervical cancer cells, giving birth to 4 children (2 of which are twins), and then a hysterectomy. All these have an adverse affect over the years which causes vaginal laxity. This means that when having sex neither yourself or sexual partner can feel much sensation during penetration, so therefore would use other ways to climax instead of full-on intercourse.

People are unaware that there are fixable solutions to regain a very pleasurable full-on sex life again. There are a number of solutions depending on how severe the problem is. Physiotherapists who work with gynecologists. I did a few sessions but it didn’t really improve my situation as I had gone past that stage. The other options are either surgery or Vaginal threading and BTL ULTRA FEMME 360. I went for Vaginal threading and the BTL option which has been extremely beneficial in my sexual relationship. It’s a simple procedure and I would be the first to recommend it to anyone with similar problems. Vaginal threading takes around half an hour and it is done under local anesthetic. BTL ULTRA FEMME 360 which is 360 degree volumetric heating laser treatment, it is fast and not uncomfortable. It is a non-invasive radiofrequency treatment and each time only takes 8 minutes. There are 3 sessions of BTL to be had in a space of about 3 months. It changed my sex life and can change yours. Everyone deserves an awesome sex life.

A lot of problems in sex can be caused psychologically due to something that may have happened in your past sexually, or you have just built up some kind of fear factor of sex in general. Lack of confidence and unable to communicate sexual preferences or desires can be a problem in a relationship, which can cause distance and less intimacy. Sexologists are there to help you become more communicative and address any of these problems individually or with your partner, and be more open to what is missing in your sexual relationship. It is important to know what each other wants and desires in sex and also regain that confidence. We also help you become more confident and maybe more open-minded. We intend to help you get there and get the best out of your sex life.