Benefits of Sex toys for couples

At times sex toys can bring a whole new level of hot sauce to the bedroom for you and your partner. In case you didn’t know or never tried it, it can add that extra bit of spice to your sex life. Sex toys shouldn’t be frowned upon at all, but the complete opposite. Sometimes people need a little kickstart under the bedsheets to get things going and sex toys are a great way to do that!

Studies show that nearly 40 percent of women need clitoral stimulation (and not just penetration) to receive “the big O”! Adding a vibrator to mix things up, can give both you and your partner more pleasure during sex.

Many sex toys for couples have the clitoris in mind or even anal play. But there are more and more sex toys for men coming on the market these days, such as cock rings, male masturbators, vibrating anal plugs and various others. They are widely available and easy to buy from places like Amazon, Ann Summers and many more places…

Sex toys are fun and they feel good too. They provide pleasure and you can experiment with them in so many different ways. Yes, with two bodies you can do a lot to each other, but with sex toys you can expand your options, sex toys can provide stimulation to key erogenous zones.

Sex toys for couples can actually be useful as a conversation starter, especially for couples who struggle with sexual communication. It can allow couples to open up, and maybe be a little more confident and not so shy sexually. Some couples find sex a difficult subject to talk about with each other, what they like or don’t like, where they like to be touched or not so much. Sex toys are a way to break that barrier. You can experiment with different ones and find out which ones work best for you both. You can even use them to show each other how you like to be touched, what stimulates you and gets you there.

Orgasming during normal sex isn’t always possible for women and generally not really an issue, or so they think. But I bet a lot of women wonder what it would be like to orgasm whilst their partner is inside them? With a sex toy that makes it possible and it feels amazing! You won’t turn back. Many couples feels that it connects them and brings them closer together. If you have toys that you use already to masturbate with, then find a way to include them with your partner when having sex. Let him play with it and get a feel for it. You know how men like to play with toys and they definitely will like sex toys and have fun using them on you.

For example, a clitoral vibrator can be used as the clit intended or on either partner’s erogenous zone, such as nipples, inner thighs or anal area. Anal plug can be great for both of you. Men might be a bit reluctant at first to use it, but once they try it, they will see the pleasurable side. It stimulates the nerve endings around the anus, which feels pretty amazing, but does need plenty of lubrication when using it. Cock rings can help enhance and maintain an erection and the vibrating ones can enhance sexual pleasure for the wearer and help stimulate the clitoral area during sexual penetration. Any toy can be used by a couple in many different ways, just the case of finding the right ones for you.

The key is to have fun, experiment and enjoy each other sexually!