What is mutual masturbation

:What is mutual masturbation?
Mutual masturbation can mean one of two things. Masturbating yourselves together or hand sex with each other. In this blog, we are talking about masturbating yourselves in front of each other. You can either do this in the same room or by video call. This depends on how brave you both are.

:How does mutual masturbation work?
Doing this with your partner is probably the most intimate thing you can do in a relationship. It pushes the boundaries, as you would be letting your partner watch and listen to something that only you have done alone, with no audience. You would feel excitement, but be a little terrified at the same time. You would feel a little vulnerable but empowered. Like a little private porn show, which makes you feel naughty, but in a very good way.

You can always add sex toys into the mutual masturbation act, like a vibrator or anal plug. This can add to the fun.

: What makes mutual masturbation awesome?
You get pleasure out of it, as you already know, and have experienced this many times when masturbating alone. You get to put on a private show, be an exhibitionist, and release that sexual demon whilst pleasuring yourself in front of your partner. It’s like sex education, as you get to show and teach each other what gives you the best pleasure, where to be touched and what gets you to that big “O”. You are the most qualified instructor when it comes to your own body, and what better way to learn and teach your partner. You might think that penetrative sex is where it stops, but there’s so much to explore when having a sexual relationship with your partner. Mutual masturbation is just one of them and if you don’t try it, then you are seriously missing out. Pleasure is the main focus of sex. This can be achieved in so many ways and doesn’t need to be penetrative sex. Mutual masturbation comes with some health benefits too, like helping you sleep better, relaxing you, and lowering stress levels. It can also build your confidence when with your partner sexually, and each time you do it you will become more and more comfortable and feel less like you are on show. But the most awesome part about mutual masturbation is that you get to watch your partner orgasm. It feels exciting and hot and adds some spice to your sex life.

: How to set the mood
To set the mood you need to find a comfortable space, maybe dim the lights or light some candles. Put on some background music, so it’s not too quiet. All this can make it feel more romantic and intimate, and maybe you would feel slightly less vulnerable.

: Things to say
If you feel slightly awkward, or shy then you don’t need to say anything. But if you do feel a little brave and are getting into it, then give it some sexy talk to add to it like:
: How good it feels
: How hot they look whilst touching themselves
: How it’s turning you on watching them
: When you are about to cum.
You can also be quite bossy in telling them what you would like them to do to themselves, tell them what you would like to watch them do.

: Techniques to try
: Tease your erogenous zones before going in for the kill
: You can still try and stay connected with each by laying next to each other with slight soft touches here and there
: Tease yourself with a sex toy
: Try some penetration with your fingers or maybe a vibrator/anal plug.
Anything goes in mutual masturbation as long as it feels good.

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