What is sex addiction?

Natural sex or Sex addiction?

Sex is a natural basic part of human nature and Its healthy to have a strong libido. But there is a fine line between healthy and out of control. It also becomes quite evident the difference between enjoying sex and being addicted to sex. If sex is not on tap, it can be quite disappointing, but its not the end of the world. With sex addiction the addict feels desperate and in need of a sexual outlet, no matter what the cost.

Signs of sex addiction:

Sex addiction can become apparent and manifest in many different ways, so with this in mind you need to be aware and stay on the lookout for signs of being a sex addict, either with yourself or in your partner.

The term “Sex addiction”

The term “sex addiction” is often used to describe compulsive sexual behaviour, uncontrollable sexual exploits, but its complicated. There is no “one size fits all” with being a sex addict. It can manifest differently. Sex addiction does not have to do with how high a persons sex drive is, how much sex they have or even want. It has to do with how someone relates to these things, how they engage in these things, and how it has an affect on their everyday lives. While that person might not actually be having that much sexual activity, it consumes their minds, their lives and their relationships.

Possible signs:

Sex dominates a persons life, and everything else in their lives gets put to the back shelf.

That person engages in phone sex, internet sex, pornograghy, uses prostitutes or becomes an exhibitionist.

That person finds a constant need to masturbate.

Has multiple sex partners or constantly cheats on partners.

In extreme cases the person can engage in criminal activity.

People with sex addiction can spend a lot of time masturbating, watching porn or sending nude pictures as an example. Feeling ashamed, guilt or even depression after a sexual encounter can be another example of sexual addiction. Sexual addiction is very similar to other addictions in its process.

The difference between healthy sex and sexual addiction:

The thing about sexual addiction is that some obsessions with sex can actually be quite healthy. Everyone should have a healthy libido that makes us desire sex, but in some cases that line can be crossed when a person cares more about the sexual activity than the person involved. Sex addiction can be a substitution for love and a way of pursuing extreme sexual activities that are just focused on the sex act itself, and not in the connection with someone.

Living with a partner who is a sex addict:

You may feel angry or hurt when living with a partner who has a sex addiction, but the first step is to try and help your partner in the best way you can. Inevitably both partners will suffer in the relationship. Despite all this both partners must realise its impact and how serious the condition can be.

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