Why sex is the best medicine

Good skin, Happier mood, cut the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and more? No need for a trip to the pharmacy, when sex is the best medicine.

Sex relieves stress, raising endorphins. According to science when we have sex, our body secretes a hormone known as dopamine, which as well as boosting your mood it can have healing affects. Its like exercise, it can calm you down. Also like any physical activity, sex is good for your heart and can reduce heart attacks, heart disease, strokes and lowers blood pressure. Plus it burns off calories! Multiple muscles are used in the act of sex, especially the pelvic muscles. Vaginal blood flow increases during sex, plus the vagina can improve in elasticity, which improves in bladder control, among other things, so this can be good for women as they get older. It also has been said that there is a possibility it can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. Basically from physical to mental well being, you might just benefit from getting a little naughty.

Sex before sleep

Having sex before going to sleep has its benefits for a better nights sleep. Orgasms release the hormone prolactin which can help you feel sleepy and very relaxed. If you have a satisfying session, then you both can benefit from a good nights sleep and wake up feeling completely refreshed. Better nights sleep, happier mood, all this can help build a stronger relationship and bring couples closer together. Touch therapy comes into play when getting busy with your partner, which enhances emotional security and can strengthen a relationship.

Sex and headaches

Sex also has been known to relieve headaches and migraines for some people. The key to a headache relief is in the climax. An orgasm is thought to be a natural pain remedy and the reason for this could be the surge of feel good endorphins and blood flow released during climax. All in all sex is the best medicine and much more fun! Far better than any pharmaceutical product.

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