Shallowing and what you need to know:

What you need to know;

For many women it can be difficult to climax during sex, so here is a very simple and highly pleasurable technique that will get you the orgasm that all women should have.

Satisfaction in the bedroom is essential, whether it is self pleasuring or with a partner. Many women who have been actively self stimulating and arousing themselves around the vaginal entrance and with slight penetration, are unaware that there is an actual term for this kind of solo play, which is known as shallowing. Don’t be fooled, there is plenty of long lasting pleasure that comes from shallowing. By practising with this technique you can learn and teach your partner how to get the most amazing pleasure with little effort involved.

Shallowing technique:

The shallow penetration technique can include fingers, flickering with slight penetration of the tongue around the vaginal entrance, a sex toy, or the tip of a man’s penis. When it comes to shallowing its important to keep it light, so that you feel the full benefit of the mind blowing and pleasurable sensations achieved at the entrance of the vagina, where there are plenty of nerve endings.

Shallowing can also be a great way of learning how to discover your genitals, finding the ways that pleasure you better, and what feels right for you. This technique is also perfect for women as we have thousands of nerve fibers in our clitoris, which gives us maximum pleasure. Shallowing can also provide you with stronger longer lasting orgasms, because you are targeting the most sensitive area of the vagina.

When trying this technique, don’t rush it. Give yourself time to explore the sensitivity of the vaginal entrance and the amazing sensations it provides, as with this slow technique you will recieve maximum sexual pleasure. Also try not to achieve deep penetration, otherwise this defeats the object of shallowing. This technique is also great for those who are not comfortable with deep penetration or have the desire to be penetrated fully during sexual play.

How to begin shallowing:

Lubrication: Take your time, slow gentle movements. Make sure you lubricate the vagina when shallowing to gain maximum pleasure. If you need help to lubricate the vagina, get your partner to engage in foreplay or maybe start with some solo masturbating. Also remember your own saliva is a great lubrication to get yourself wet.

Explore with hands and fingers: Explore your pleasure points with your fingers and find where your most sensitive spots are. Find where you gain most pleasure through gentle stimulation around the entrance of the vagina.

Sex toys: Not all sex toys work with shallowing, better to find ones that just focus on stimulating the clitoris, so probably best to avoid the ones shaped like a wand. They actually have one out thats made specifically for shallowing.

Just enjoy and have fun: Just remember that shallowing is a great way to discover your body and its pleasure points sexually. It doesn’t have to be perfect, so just always remember that pleasure is your end goal, whether its solo or with a partner.

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