What is sexual responsiveness

:Why is sexual responsiveness so important.
Sexual responsiveness is important in any healthy relationship, and whilst it should come naturally, some people can find it more difficult than others. Without it, many relationships will suffer and struggle from lack of intimacy, affection and low sexual activity between them. We all need sexual responsiveness from our partners because it makes us feel wanted and desired by our partners. It’s what holds the relationship together.

: What is sexual responsiveness

It’s a feeling of warmth, excitement and electricity when your partner touches you, that kiss on your neck, pushing your hair back off your face, pulling you towards them and even that wanting look. It’s a feeling of connection and desire. Sex is one unique way people can show sexual responsiveness in a romantic relationship. Being and having a sexually responsive partner who is motivated and understanding to make sexual compromises, and is willing to give as well as receive. It’s about maintaining sexual desire for your partner, giving sexual satisfaction and relationship quality.

: How to maintain sexual responsiveness

You should feel secure with your partner, so you both can be completely open with each other. Maintain your relationship by being understanding and be open to each others wants and needs. Being comfortable with each other and are able to talk openly about your sexual desires. Through a conscious effort to reciprocate to that touch, kiss, or an arm around you. When your partner shows you warmth, desire, intimacy, love, don’t brush it off. Just stop what you’re doing for a moment to let them know you feel it too, and appreciate them and the way they make you feel. Even a gentle moaning response or acknowledging touch back can be enough. Sexual responsiveness and understanding works both ways. Its all about give and take in a relationship. By reciprocating the action you are showing that you liked what they did. It encourages your partner to do more. It’s positive feedback that leads to more intimacy, and sexual satisfaction. It’s what connects a relationship, holds it together and keeps it strong. It’s what will make a healthy relationship last.

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