What is vaginismus?

What is vaginismus:

Vaginismus is known as a type of sexual dysfunction. It’s where the muscles in the vagina contract involuntarily. It doesn’t stop you from becoming sexually aroused, but during intercourse can cause pain and discomfort. Penetration can either be difficult or even prevented. Vaginismus can occur when a partner attempts penetration, a tampon is inserted, or when a woman is touched near the vaginal area. No physical abnormalities cause the problem, and when going for a pelvic exam shows no signs of contractions. This condition is considered to be quite uncommon. Unfortunately for those with the condition, it does affect everyday life and relationships. Sexual dysfunction happens in both males and females, but in general, can be treated.

Types of vaginismus:

Primary vaginismus: When vaginal penetration has never been achieved.

Secondary vaginismus: Where once vaginal penetration had been achieved, but no longer can, due to trauma, gynecological surgery, or radiation treatment.

It’s possible that some women even during menopause develop vaginismus. During menopause, the estrogen levels drop which causes vaginal dryness and loss of elasticity making sex painful and uncomfortable. This can bring on vaginismus.

Causes of vaginismus:

There’s not always a probable cause for vaginismus but the condition has been connected to

: Past sexual abuse or some kind of trauma
: Past painful sex
: Emotional and psychological factors

Sometimes no actual cause can be found. To be diagnosed, you will need to contact your doctor and they will do a physical exam. They will also ask about your medical and sexual history.

Symptoms of vaginismus:

The first symptom of vaginismus is an involuntary tightening of the vaginal muscles, but the severity of the condition varies for different women. The difficulty or impossibility of penetration during sex happens in all cases of vaginismus. Women that have this condition can’t manage or stop the contractions of the vaginal muscles from happening. You can have other symptoms such as lack of sexual desire. Women who have it say they often feel burning or stinging pain when anything is inserted into the vagina. If you have this condition, it doesn’t mean that you will stop enjoying sexual pleasure with your partner altogether as there are other ways to enjoy sex and receive orgasms that don’t include penetration. There are sexual activities such as:

: oral sex
: Masturbation
: massage

Treatment for vaginismus:

Vaginismus is a treatable disorder. Treatments are through education, counseling, and exercises with a sex therapist or counselor who specializes in sexual dysfunction. They will go through the anatomy and what happens during arousal and intercourse. Give you information on the muscles that are involved in vaginismus. All this will help you understand how the body works and your body responds. You will have these sessions with your partner or solo. Relaxation techniques may help you be more relaxed and comfortable during sex.

Coping with Vaginismus:

All this can have an effect on a relationship. Getting treatment as soon as possible can resolve the problem and save a relationship. Seeing your doctor and a sex therapist can help you find ways to overcome the problem, so you can go on and enjoy a happy sexual relationship.

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